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As the cultural hub of southwestern Indiana, Evansville is truly a wonderful city to call home. With stylistic influences coming from nearby St. Louis and Louisville, there's a lot of architectural diversity in our city — and we know how to paint all of it. Locally owned and operated, College Pro Evansville employs teams of house painters who are experts at bringing out the best in any kind of home. Whether you want a contemporary paint job for a newer condo downtown or a rustic look for your historic home, College Pro Evansville can do it all.

Protection Against the Weather

With recorded temperatures in Evansville ranging from -23ºF to 111ºF, your home needs paint that can withstand the huge weather shifts from season to season. Hot summers, wet springs, and cold winters can really take a toll on your house. Let College Pro Evansville help. Our house painters have painted Evansville homes in all seasons, and truly understand how to paint a home professionally. If you want high quality painting that will stand the test of time, let our house painters prove their worth.

Styles For Everyone

Whether you have a modern high-rise condo in the downtown riverfront area or a stately abode closer in age to the Reitz Home Museum, our teams of house painters have worked on similar properties and know the best ways to paint them. While painting your home every few years is an important aspect of home maintenance, it's also a great opportunity for you to add a lively new aesthetic to your home. Whether you just add a new accent color or go in a completely different direction, don't miss the opportunity to mix things up a bit.

Let's Get Painting

We're excited to get started, and we can't wait to see the smile on your face when we finish. Give College Pro Evansville a call today to schedule a free estimate.

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