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As a bastion of the quiet country life located just outside the big city offerings of Burlington, Essex Junction sure is a great place to live. Whether you live in one of the newer homes in the village or a classic Vermont farmhouse, you can be sure that the local student painters at College Pro Essex Junction have the training and expertise to enhance the beauty of your home. With four decades of experience comes confidence, and we're confident that we can give you the best house painting experience you've ever had!

Durable Paint for All Weather

Here in Vermont, we are used to extremes in wet weather. Whether it's spring rain, summer humidity, or autumn and winter snow squalls, Essex Junction gets its fair share of moisture. This moisture and humidity can wreak havoc on paint, especially the older lead-based paint that can be found on many of our iconic older farmhouses. Wetness on this kind of paint is especially prone to cause rusting, which exposes some of the lead elements, which are dangerous to live around. If you own one of these homes, stripping this paint and replacing it with a high quality all-weather paint will restore your home's look and prevent further complications to the structure.

When you hire College Pro Essex Junction for your house painting needs, all you have to do is pick out the colors. Whether you want your home to resemble some of the more modern looks found in downtown Burlington or express the peaceful relaxation of our many Vermont farmhouses, our house painting experts can bring your dreams to life.

House painting is hard work, but our teams of experienced student painters get the job done quickly without leaving a trace that they were ever there. Call College Pro today to schedule a free house painting estimate!

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