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We know how frustrating and downright inconvenient it can be to have your house painted. From finding painters you can trust to having a relatively unusable house during the actual painting, house painting is certainly not an enviable task. Here at College Pro Erin, we do our best to make house painting as stress-free and easy as possible! We do all the hard work and all of the cleanup — alleviating the worry of trying to do the dirty work yourself. Read on to learn more about why our Erin house painting services are perfect for your home!

Our Experience

College Pro is known throughout Canada and the United States for providing affordable house painting services, but you never sacrifice quality or style when you hire us. From older Erin homes to newer modern developments, our painters have experience painting houses just like yours. You're in great hands with College Pro! With over 40 years of experience in house painting, you can trust us to make your house look amazing.

We love helping homeowners bring out the best style in their home. The color of your walls make a huge impact on how your home feels. If something about your home just doesn't feel quite right, chances are it can be improved with the right paint. Our painters love working with you to create the perfect color scheme for your home, so spend some time thinking about what your dream living colors would be!

All of our Erin house painting projects are performed by student painters from local Toronto area universities. When you hire College Pro student painters, you're directly supporting higher education in your community and providing valuable work for hardworking students. It's a great way to give back!

Let's get started on improving your life as soon as possible. Give us a call to schedule a free house painting estimate for your Erin home!

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It was all fine, they did the job quickly and efficiently.


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