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Edmonton is the heart of Alberta and the ""Gateway to the North"". The people of Edmonton take great pride in their city on the North Saskatchewan River and believe their community is one of the best in Canada. Living in northern Canada means enduring brutal winters and extreme temperatures. This kind of weather can destroy the outer layer of paint on your home, which can cause it to crack, split, flake, and fade. This kind of unsightliness is nothing to be proud of and can decrease the value of your home. Everyone wants to fix up his or her home, but not everyone has the time or money to do so. Edmonton College Pro is here to help you and your community by providing an affordable painting service at the fraction of the cost that other professional painting companies charge. We do this by hiring local college students to paint houses in Edmonton communities. Our Edmonton student painters are gaining real-world business experience and being trained in some of the best entrepreneurial business techniques while providing professional-grade house painting to Edmonton residents.

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When you hire Edmonton College Pro to paint your home, you can rest assured that you are receiving a quality service. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, which means we won't even collect final payment unless you are entirely satisfied. Our Edmonton college painters are trained in a multiple-step process that is used by professional painters in the industry. At Edmonton College Pro we go above and beyond technical training. We also provide management and leadership training that is modeled from the curriculum at the best business schools in North America. Our Edmonton student painters are able to work for College Pro while enrolled as full-time students. We provide our student painters with full-time employment during the summer. Give us a call today and help young entrepreneurs in your community!

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Very thorough and pleasant!


Edmonton, AB
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Did a great job. Next year will likely use for inside and outside windows. Glad to have the eavestroughs cleaned out. Overall cost very close to estimate.


Calgary, AB
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