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Freshening up your home with a coat of paint is one of the best ways to keep it looking as gorgeous as the rest of Eau Claire. Periodic upkeep of your home’s exterior surface also helps identify any cracks, rot, or other flaws defacing your home. This saves you from spending big bucks on more expensive repairs down the line. But let’s be honest: who really wants to spend time on lengthy house painting when they could be taking in the crisp air along the Chippewa River or relaxing at Putnam Park?

The solution: College Pro Eau Claire. Our student-run company offers professional services at prices that can’t be beat. Our student painters will take care of the work while you enjoy your day.

The Clear Choice for Eau Claire

With over four decades of experience, College Pro painters have both the skill and expertise to get the job done right. We select only the boldest and brightest students and specially train them in every aspect of running a small business. From business strategy to financial reporting to marketing, the knowledge and hands-on experience gained from College Pro serves as a real life MBA for our student painters. Because you save money while our painters earn money, the local economy gets a boost with every dollar filtered into the local economy.

You can take pride that you’re investing in both students and in the community at large when you hire our enthusiastic team. Whether your house painting needs are as simple as adding a few accent walls or as extensive as a complete home makeover, College Pro Eau Claire is committed to making customers happy. When you’re ready to make a difference in your home and your community, call us for a free and detailed house painting estimate.

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A very pleasant and efficient team.


Sarnia, ON
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Isabelle is very professional, thorough and attentive to customer needs. Wish you guys had a painter.

Denise & Doug

Vernon, BC
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