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Need your house painted but can't believe some of the prices you've seen advertised around town? Neither can we. Here at College Pro, we put together talented teams of house painters from local universities to offer the good people of East Greenwich affordable painting services that won't break the bank. If you've been putting off having your house painted because you couldn't find the right painters for the job, put it off no more. College Pro East Greenwich is here to save the day.

Exceeding Expectations for 40 Years

What you've heard is true. College Pro isn't your grandfather's painting company. It was created by a group of students who started painting homes to earn money to pay their college tuition, but they quickly realized that they could do so much more than paint homes. For over 40 years, College Pro has been giving house painters valuable hands-on business experience within the company. Our team members earn money while developing skills that will prove useful in virtually any career path they go down. It's like an internship that pays well. At the end of the day our house painters get the pride of driving down the street and seeing beautiful homes that they've helped create. It's a great system that's been benefitting locals, homeowners, and whole communities for almost half a century.

New England is known for the "Cape Cod" style of architecture, and East Greenwich boasts many prime examples of these homes in their natural habitat. If your home falls into this historic category, rest assured that our house painters know all the intricacies of painting these unique homes. Every job comes with a two-year warranty and your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re ready to get started, so are we. Give College Pro East Greenwich a call to schedule a free estimate with our house painters.

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