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Sparkling clean windows make your home look newer, cleaner, more pristine, and lead to a high return on investment for homeowners. So why does window cleaning often go overlooked? Often times it’s a job that people intend to tackle on their own, but the reality becomes too daunting and the task gets put off again and again.

To remove spots and stains from deeply embedded mineral deposits, you need a professional hand. And why scrub windows when you could be kayaking, hiking, wine tasting, or all the other delights that Duncan has to offer? Put your trust in the hands of College Pro to get the dirty work done on your behalf.

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College Pro Duncan is the premiere provider for affordable, streak-free window washing services that fully restore the look of your windows to a diamond shine. Even small amounts of build-up and staining can dramatically affect the amount of light that naturally flows into your home, so our Duncan window cleaning services help you save money in the long-run on your electric bill. We also scrub sills and storms, wash eaves and frames, de-clog your gutters, and generally give the eyes of your home a thorough and deep clean at affordable rates. And since warmer and brighter rooms mean lower energy bills (and properly draining gutters prevent water damage), our services also save you money down the line!

When you hire College Pro, you step up to support the education of local students looking to pay off education costs and gain invaluable experience of running an independently-owned small business. They not only receive an advanced MBA-caliber curriculum in subjects ranging from economics, marketing, strategy, and troubleshooting, but they also earn money to pay off college expenses. Studies show that these same students invest money in local Duncan businesses, which helps in boosting our economy. That’s why hiring College Pro is a choice that you can be proud of.

If you’re ready for brighter days and a more spotless view of the world, call the hardworking students at College Pro Duncan today for your free window cleaning estimate.

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