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So you’re ready to freshen up the color scheme of your home, but are you actually ready to take on the house painting duties? While the job might seem like a feasible DIY project at first, not everyone is equally equipped to actually handle all the sanding, scraping, caulking, washing, priming, painting, and cleaning up that goes into the job.

Before you race off to slap paint over every inch of your home, cutting corners along the way, know that there’s a local company with affordable services that is hands down the best in the business. For all of your interior and exterior painting needs, College Pro Duncan is here to please. We know that color adds a whole new dimension to your home, so it’s important to use a name that you can trust to get this Duncan house painting job done right.

Delivering Superior Results for Duncan

There’s beauty everywhere in our community, so it’s no wonder why Duncan residents want to keep their homes looking as stunning as the Gulf Island waters. College Pro is not only ready to help beautify our community one home at a time, but we also significantly foster and strengthen opportunities for local students.

We’ve added all the numbers and the verdict is in: about 90% of cash earned at our independently owned, student-run company is directly spent on local goods and services. From education costs like tuition, transportation, room and board, and textbooks to the price of grabbing a meal off-campus, our economy is stronger when students have money to spend right here in Duncan.

This experience acts like a business school boot camp, and students frequently say that they learn more about leadership, marketing, economics, conflict-resolution, and other business skills in one summer working for College Pro than they do in four years of college!

No job is too big or too small for our dedicated team. Whether you’re looking to redo your bedroom in a mood-boosting color or you'd rather makeover your entire home’s color scheme inside and out, College Pro Duncan has you covered. Call our student entrepreneurs today for your free and detailed house painting estimate!

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