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With one of the fastest growing economies in the Midwest, Dubuque is an exciting place to live and work. If you're in the market for house painting but want to ensure that your hard-earned money stays within the Dubuque community and continues to make this city grow, work with College Pro Dubuque. For the past 40 years we've connected hardworking students with homeowners looking for great house painting, and this partnership benefits both you and your community. That's the College Pro Dubuque difference.

Beautiful Paint, Beautiful Homes

We love what we do. Here at College Pro Dubuque, we get to spend each day putting smiles on our neighbors' faces through the art of painting. While many homeowners hire us because they don't have the time or energy to paint a home, it's what we live for. Our student painters are Dubuque locals who understand the intricacies of painting Dubuque houses, from vintage farmhouses to newer town homes. When you hire College Pro for your Dubuque house painting needs, you're guaranteed to love the finished result.

Playing a Positive Role in the Community

College Pro was created as a way to give well-paying, flexible jobs to college students who need extra money to pay for their education. With rising tuition costs across the country, it's more difficult than ever to attain a college degree, but we're still painting tirelessly to help our local students achieve the dream. Fostering education and the next generation of Dubuque leaders is our priority, and we're honored that your hard-earned money goes right back into the community and helps our young folks get a quality education.

If you're ready to turn your house into a beautifully painted home, get in contact so we can show you just how easy and affordable it is. Call College Pro Dubuque today to schedule a free house painting estimate!

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