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Dubuque is a unique and growing place to live, and all of us here at your neighborhood College Pro couldn't be happier to call this town home. With our city situated at the junction of Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin, we're a melting pot of people from all over the Midwest. With the diverse artistic influences visible just about everywhere in the city, it would be a shame to come home to a house that doesn't reflect that unique sense of style. Here at College Pro Dubuque, we've built a thriving business by offering stellar painting services at prices that can't be beat. Our creative house painters love giving our customers the home makeover of their dreams. Whatever you have in mind for your home, our house painters can bring it to life.

Support Local Entrepreneurs

While College Pro has grown over the past four decades to encompass locations across Canada and the United States, each location operates as a locally owned franchise. Here at College Pro Dubuque, we're passionate about our city and love helping our neighbors achieve their dreams of living in beautiful, cleanly painted homes. When you choose College Pro for your home painting needs, you're supporting your local Dubuque neighbors and friends rather than sending your money to a company based out of town. Supporting local small businesses helps grow Dubuque's economy, and leads to a better city for all of us to call home.

Be Proud of Your Home

If you're a new homeowner, you know how difficult it can be to turn a house that other people have lived in for years into a place that feels like your own home. It takes a lot of work to get your personality and style to fill every corner of the house, but we can help. Painting rooms with unique colors that are meaningful to you is a quick way to make your house feel like it was designed just for you and your family. Call College Pro Dubuque for a free estimate today.

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