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Our homes are our sanctuaries, which is why life is best when you take pride in your living space. There’s no better way to update the look of your home than with house painting, but taking the plunge can be a daunting task. How do you choose a color scheme for an entire house? Where do you even start? How will you find time for all the sanding, scraping, priming, painting, and cleanup? What if you mess up?

Fortunately there’s a low-cost, high-quality local company that can help take the doubt out of all your decisions and take on the house painting so you can get back to enjoying our beautiful community. Check out the student painters at College Pro Dublin to tackle the labor and the dirty work!

Supporting Dublin Students

College Pro is the original student house painting company with over forty years of small business success. We serve roughly 50,000 customers a year across North America and have developed over 100,000 young entrepreneurs and counting! The curriculum that our talented Dublin student painters experience is often called a “real world MBA” thanks to extensive focus on everything from finance to effective leadership to customer service. The challenge is cited by alumni as offering a more practical, hands-on education than they get in all four years of higher education.

In addition to exceptional house painting services, College Pro also offers window washing to keep your windows sparkling clean. Not only will your curb appeal skyrocket, but removing haze and deep water stains brought on by Ontario weather helps your home receive more light, warming rooms even in winter months and helping the space stay brighter with less energy.

Need help picking a paint scheme? Want to accent a floor or a ceiling in an unexpected hue? Transform your property from the inside out? Whatever your specific design dreams may be, College Pro is here to make those dreams come true. Call our Dublin student painters today for a complimentary written estimate.

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Jackson Rawlin

Professional. I like that I received a few reminders and a call when they were late. Thanks!


Markham, ON
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Missed a window, but they were happy to fix it before they left. Very friendly and professional.

Mike & Marlene

Belle River, ON
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