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Detroit has seen a lot of neighborhood improvement projects over the past few years in hopes of revitalizing a city that has a rich history, diverse population, and limitless potential. Homeowners in Detroit can be a part of this improvement and beautification by hiring Detroit College Pro to paint their home and make it look fresh and new again! We provide an excellent service for a fraction of the cost that other painting companies charge. We employ college students and entrepreneurs to become well-trained, professional house painters. We train them in management and leadership skills that will allow them to be the future business leaders of Detroit!

Detroit College Pro Entrepreneurship Training

Our training program has been widely regarded as the “Real Life MBA” by our past and present student and entrepreneur employees. While many of our house painters excel in the college classroom, they understand that many skills cannot be taught in the university setting. It is necessary for students to gain real-world experience by using the skills they learn and to find ways to apply them in the business world. Detroit College Pro gives our house painters this opportunity. We have been serving the Detroit community for over four decades, throughout the good times and bad times. We know that the improvement of Detroit depends on the young brilliant minds of the community to come together and take ownership of such a fantastic city. That’s why we encourage our Detroit house painters to pursue their careers in all sorts of fields. We know that the skills they gain in our training and through their work experience will help them to become smart and progressive entrepreneurs that will get Detroit back on track!

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As a homeowner in Detroit, you want the city to improve and taking care of your home and your community’s youth is one of the first steps you can take in helping your neighborhood. So let’s get started and call Detroit College Pro for a free estimate today!

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Team arrived on time, did an excellent job - we appreciate a job well done!

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