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To make the most out of each day, your house needs to have comforting rooms and stunning views. While we live in one of the most gorgeous places in Canada, sometimes it’s hard to take in the full beauty of our surroundings in our homes when our windows are looking murky and forsaken.

From clearing debris in rain gutters and eaves, detailing storms and screens, and removing deeply set hard water stains, there’s more to this window washing business than meets the eye. Most homeowners don’t want to spend their valuable days doing chores when there’s so much beauty to explore throughout the sunshine capital. Between cycling, swims, beach days, parks, and more, you should spend time doing the things that you love instead of scrubbing sills and clearing gutters and buffing windows. That’s where College Pro comes in to save you time and money with Delta window cleaning.

Let the Delta Sunshine In

Even the thinnest layers of dust, pollen, and hard water stains can make your windows look opaque, blocking the sun from streaming in and significantly devaluing the appearance of your residence. While you could try to handle the job on your own, any DIY efforts are likely to leave streaks and stains behind no matter how much elbow grease you apply. A professional cleaning revitalizes the surface of your glass to bring more natural light into your home, helping you save on heating and electricity bills thanks to the sunlight bringing in bright and warming light.

Fully operated by college scholars who are eager to get a leg up as tomorrow’s business leaders before graduation, we provide these diligent students with skills, confidence, and earning power during their school years. Students diligently study leadership, marketing, estimating, customer service, finance, and more. Many alumni call the experience a “real world MBA”. We use only the most premium products on your windows and our student painters are both fully trained and insured to give superior results at affordable prices.

For brighter days and brighter futures, call College Pro Delta for your free window cleaning estimate!

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Windows very clean. If you get what you pay for, that explains why it seemed quite expensive.


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Excellent work by very pleasant staff.


Victoria, BC
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