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An expert house painting job can highlight architectural features, craft details, bring out focal points, boost moods with bright colors, and even protect the exterior of your home against the rain, snow, and ice brought on by long Ontario winters.

If you’re ready to makeover your property, College Pro Delta is the name you can trust. Our dedicated Delta house painting team is standing by to help you brainstorm ways to bring more beauty and comfort into your home.

College Pro is the Name You Can Trust

In addition to providing Delta residents with affordable, top-notch services, one of the greatest things about College Pro is the commitment to advancing the prospects for enterprising local college students. Not only are students provided with an invaluable MBA-caliber business education alongside the hands-on experience that they gain, but they also earn money to pay for escalating school expenses. On top of that, about 90% of all money earned is spent at local shops, markets, restaurants, and other businesses. That means your investment helps to foster students’ financial health while giving our Delta economy a boost!

At College Pro Delta, we listen to your ideas and even help you decide on the right colors and details if you’re having trouble choosing from the many possibilities that a little paint can offer. Our student house painters communicate with you every step of the way: from the first estimate and prep to the final follow-up inspection. Whether you want to highlight a staircase banister in a unique color or switch up the palette of your entire home, we’re here to help. We don’t accept the final payment until we know that you’re fully satisfied, so your satisfaction is guaranteed. That commitment to your happiness is why College Pro has over four decades of small business success across 7 Canadian provinces and 28 U.S. states.

The students at College Pro Delta are ready to tackle all your interior and exterior house painting needs. Call today for your free written estimate. More beautiful living is just around the corner.

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Easton and his college crew were exceptional in every area: courtesy, communications, skill, responsibility, and timeliness. The crew worked diligently, efficiently, and quietly, out of respect for my working at home. Truth is, these college students were more professionally responsible than some of the adult, professional contractors also working on my house. Excellent professionals, courteous people, skilled workers, what else could one ask for?


Bellingham, WA
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The Jacobs did a great job finishing up my detailed house! 4 colors is nothing easy but by the end we were able to get the correct color scheme and everything looks great. Thanks!


Everett, WA
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