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Deerfield residents take pride in their village. College Pro's team of hard-working student painters and entrepreneurs do too. These industrious future leaders live and work right here in Deerfield, and are ready to make our community even better. Working with College Pro Deerfield for your next house painting project is the best way to make your home look great while helping the next generation of Deerfield leaders succeed.

Deerfield and College Pro Working Together

The endless streets of beautiful houses make Deerfield an ideal village to call home. A revitalizing paint job from College Pro Deerfield can improve your community in more ways than one. In addition to rejuvenating your home, you’re also invigorating Deerfield by employing its future business leaders. At College Pro, we train our student entrepreneurs to run the business entirely on their own. We give them the tools and knowledge, and they add a strong work ethic and desire to succeed. The result is a 97% customer referral rate and an impeccable reputation that’s been four decades in the making.

Let’s be clear: College Pro isn’t student training. It’s a professional business with locations across the United State and Canada. As valuable as the real-world experience is to our undergraduate entrepreneurs, it’s a result of College Pro’s true mission: providing world-class house painting services at affordable prices. Our painters go above and beyond to give you the best looking house on the block, and our project managers go even further to provide the best customer service imaginable.

College Pro Deerfield doesn’t collect payment until final inspection. That means we’re not happy until you are. Our painters will sand every bump, scrape every imperfection and caulk every pockmark before so much as dipping a brush into the paint. Once the surface is cleaned and primed, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently our painters transform your home. Contact College Pro Deerfield today for a free house painting estimate.

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Elgin IL Exterior Painting

Christian Perez

Joshua Hoffmann was very professional. I enjoyed working with him.


Geneva, IL
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I am glad that Andrew proposed the longer-lasting grade of paint for our house, which is almost completely in shade and has some humidity problems. He located the places where there was peeling, and made his recommendations. His crew were very professional, always on time, very polite and considerate.


Urbana, IL
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