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Located just a short 25 miles from Downtown Chicago, Deerfield offers residents the best of the city with the peace and quiet of the suburbs. It's a great place to live! Unlike other painting companies which may not be headquartered out of Deerfield, College Pro Deerfield is an independently owned and operated franchise run by people who actually live here. We understand the needs of Deerfield residents better than anyone else, and work tirelessly to deliver the kind of quality and professionalism that you deserve from your painters. It's always a privilege to work on our neighbors' homes, and we never forget it! If you're ready to get started on your next home painting project, give us a call — our house painters are ready to turn your home into their next masterpiece.

The Real World MBA

Let's change the subject for a moment. In the world of higher education, most degrees focus on academic and theoretic ventures rather than giving students real hands-on experience. Regardless of what a student is studying, everyone can benefit from learning business skills and better understanding how a business functions and succeeds. We offer our house painters the ability to play an important role in our franchise, from leading marketing initiatives to coordinating the teams of painters that work on each home. We call this our "real world MBA", and it's one of the founding tenets of our company. For over 40 years, College Pro has been helping our house painters gain valuable business experience and develop the kind of acumen that will help them become the next generation's leaders.

It All Starts With You

Whether you value the positive impact that your painting decision can make or simply want a great quality paint job for your home, you get both when you choose College Pro Deerfield. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate!

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