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There’s no limit to the joy that a creative paint job can bring. Paint the ceiling a serene blue to mimic the feeling of being outdoors, revive old wood floors by painting them in an unexpected pattern, or highlight architectural details with a lively hue. And if you desire a total makeover, paint the whole exterior in a fresh new shade that also boasts protective powers for unruly Ontario winters.

With so much already on your dream to-do list for your home, it’s no surprise that you could use a helping hand to get everything done right down to the smallest detail. That’s where College Pro comes in. Take a nature hike in our gemstone of a town or hit the Creemore Springs Brewery while our house painting squad handles all the sanding, scraping, washing, painting, and cleanup to help beautify your home!

Big Heart, Big Difference

The word “Creemore” comes from the Irish term “Croi Mor,” which translates to “Big Heart” –– proof that we value a kindred sense of community. College Pro was designed not only to serve local homeowners who need to invest in house painting services, but also to advance the futures of local students eagerly seeking a leg up as the business leaders of tomorrow. When you choose College Pro, you get low prices and high-quality performance while our students get invaluable work experience and income to help pay for textbooks, boarding, tuition, and more. Our Creemore house painting participants also get a lucrative business education in subjects like leadership, finance, marketing, and more with a curriculum that’s modeled after MBA programs.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with College Pro services. Whether you’re looking to paint trim a bright and vibrant colour to highlight architectural details, add a stain to your front porch, or completely transform the exterior of your home, College Pro Creemore is here to help you turn your habitat into your dream home. Call our students today for a complimentary house painting estimate!

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