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Nothing makes a house sparkle quite like perfectly clean windows. It's easy to forget to clean your windows, especially when you live in a multistory house with hard-to-reach windows. Whether you fall into this category or simply want to live your life without having to think about cleaning your windows, we're here to help! College Pro offers the best Coquitlam window cleaning services on the market with affordable prices that will work well within your budget.

This Little Light of Mine

One of the most overlooked benefits of clean windows is the increased level of natural light that will bathe the interior of your home. Even the thinnest layer of dirt and grime can obscure the flow of natural light. Dirty windows can cause your home to feel dark and somber. Hiring College Pro Coquitlam to take care of your window cleaning needs will keep your windows pristine—creating a brighter, warmer, and more inviting home!

In the same way that clean windows lead to a brighter interior, during our cold Canadian winters the extra light that pours in also brings in heat. Combined, this helps make the cold (and often cloudy) winter months that much warmer and brighter! Once you don't have to turn on the lights until later than usual thanks to all the extra natural lighting, you may even save on your electricity bill.

College Pro Coquitlam hires hardworking college students from nearby universities to perform our window cleaning services. This saves you money without sacrificing any quality. We guarantee our student window washers have the skills and expertise to give you the cleanest windows around. Hiring college students is also a great way to give back to the community. Our student window washers work for College Pro directly helps them pay their way through college.

So let's get cleaning. Give College Pro Coquitlam today to schedule a free window cleaning estimate!

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