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It’s that time again, time to re-fresh the paint on your home and clean all of your exterior windows. Before you get out the ladder or head to the hardware store, why not consider working with a company known not only for their services, but also for being an integral part of your community? College Pro Coquitlam is comprised of local student painters and window washers who are learning the in’s and out’s of small business ownership. By hiring a team or individual from College Pro Coquitlam, your payment goes towards a student’s tuition or school expenses. Your annual chore can actually end up being a helping hand for the future members and small business owners of your very own community. There’s never been a better time to work with College Pro Coquitlam.

The Very Best In Home Painting and Window Washing: College Pro Coquitlam

When you hire College Pro Coquitlam, you can be assured that the quality and professionalism of your home maintenance project will be unsurpassed. Payment is always deferred until the entire project is completed. College Pro student painters and window washers are encouraged to build their own teams and procure their own jobs, allowing them to practice leadership skills while building lasting relationships with community members, such as yourself. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget as you will be an integral part of the learning experience. Not to mention, you’ll have a beautifully painted and cleaned home to show for it. You already know you want to begin your home maintenance project, now when you go to choose a company- you know exactly who to hire for friendly, affordable service and the opportunity to involve yourself further into your community. Make the right choice and work with student painters and window washers who care just as much about Coquitlam as you do!

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