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It doesn’t matter if you live in the villages of Penacook, East Concord, or West Concord, you know that the winters in New Hampshire are going to be long, cold, and snowy. This can take a major toll on the exterior paint of your home. If you call Concord College Pro today, we can set you up with a free estimate to have our highly trained house painters come to your home and give it a complete exterior makeover. Treat your house to a brand new paint job before the winter hits. Your house will thank you!

Contribute to the Concord Community

At Concord College Pro we hire talented college students and entrepreneurs that are in need of full-time summer employment. We recruit and hire only the brightest and most enthusiastic candidates that come to us because they want to earn money and gain new skills and experience. Our training program focuses on technical, managerial, and leadership skills that can be used in the field and in the classroom. Furthermore, these are skills that will help them when they enter into the professional world. Help these college students get their “Real World MBA” and hire them for your next exterior paint job on your home. You can feel good about your decision to help college students and entrepreneurs, and you can feel great about how your home is going to look.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee your full satisfaction with the professionalism of our Concord house painters and the paint job on your home. We don’t expect any kind of payment until you are completely happy with Concord College Pro. We also offer a 2-year warranty and a year-round customer care center where you can talk to one of our representatives that will be happy to help you. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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Rochester Exterior Painting

Derek Plance

Things were good after things were under way. Jess did a really good job power-washing. The person that originally had the project left the company but didn't let us know so it took us a little while to figure out who was taking over for him.

Richard And Bernadette

Pelham, NH
review job type

very positive, guys were great, franchisee was attentive and professional, very happy with how it worked out.


Merrimack, NH
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