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Your home painting project should always be fun, and never a chore. Choosing colors and finishes is what people look forward to, but when it comes to the time consuming and tedious job of actually painting the house, it’s always better left to the professionals. There is a great way to complete your painting projects, large and small, quickly and efficiently all while giving back to the Columbus community in which you live. With College Pro Columbus, you gain the superior quality of a professional paint job with the knowledge that you are helping a local entrepreneur. What could be better?

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College Pro is a company that is dedicated to teaching life lessons in management and leadership skills. By selecting hardworking house painters from many applicants, College Pro Columbus ensures that your painters will always be professional and friendly. Each team member is trained to deliver a spectacular paint job, while simultaneously learning about the ins and outs of a small business. Hand picked for their entrepreneurial spirit, College Pro Columbus house painters are the best and brightest, and dedicated to doing a great job in their community. Now, your painting project can be even more rewarding. The payment you make will go towards tuition fees or school expenses for someone who lives alongside you in beautiful Columbus. You can feel good about how you are spending your money and gain an expertly painted home. There’s never been a better time to schedule your painting project, call for your consultation today and let us help you determine the scope of your project. Payment is always deferred until after the job has been completed in its entirety. We know you can’t wait to have a freshly painted home, call College Pro Columbus house painters today!

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Showed up on time and delivered exactly what was promised.


Scarborough, ON
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The actual window cleaning was excellent. The only reason l did not give 10 was that l had called several weeks beforehand to say l would have to rebook, and this change had not been noted, and the cleaner turned up with all his equipment. However, Liam apologized, and was very pleasant and cooperative about doing a modified job at an adjusted price. He worked quickly and very efficiently and results were excellent.


Ottawa, ON
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