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Let’s be honest. Everyone wants their home to look great, but house painting isn’t fun. Kayaking on the calm waters of one of our many sublime lakes, hitting the 14th hole at our world-famous floating green, or just plain having a lazy day sleeping in all sound like a better use of time. So why do the time-consuming job yourself when there’s an affordable, high-quality solution?

For all your interior and exterior house painting needs, College Pro Coeur D’Alene is here to do the hard work so you can spend your time on the fun things you love.

A Business with Heart

Our company gives the students we hire a competitive edge in business. After a careful selection process, students are rigorously trained in subjects like financial reporting, budgeting, marketing, strategy, leadership, goal setting, effective problem solving, and conflict resolution. Many alumni have stated that the challenging experience is like a compressed, real-life business degree. This not only makes them more attractive to future employers, but the unique opportunity provides them with unprecedented levels of confidence and expertise as entrepreneurs.

Keeping your home in top shape with a fresh coat of paint not only makes it look its best, but it also helps prevent expensive problems down the line. Professionally applied paint jobs help pinpoint any cracks, leaks, and other issues while also priming and protecting your home from the elements during all seasons. We use only prime products for top quality results, and our student painters are up-to-date on all local and national safety and waste disposal regulations to make sure the job gets done with care.

We keep our prices low, so you save money while our students earn money and earn a “real-life MBA” through their experience. You can take pride that you’re investing in both students and in the community at large when you hire our enthusiastic team members. So what are you waiting for? Give College Pro Coeur D’Alene a call today for a free house painting estimate!

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Justin George

They were basically prompt. I know weather was influencing when they could start, and they got the job done within a good amount of time despite an incident with one of the painters. It was a very good experience.


Meridian, ID
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I think the job was a new job for them to do wood siding, so it was a bit of a learning curve but they did do a good job.


Moscow, ID
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