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Window cleaning is one of the most overlooked household chores. Not regularly cleaning the outside of your windows can lead to problems ranging from dull surfaces that lack luster to permanent etching and hazing of the glass. When the exterior of your home goes unchecked, gutters can also clog with leaves, grime, and other debris obstructing the proper flow of downpipes. Professional window cleaning services can make your home look amazing while giving you a high return on your investment. Whether you’re looking to instantly boost curb appeal in anticipation of selling your home, or you’re simply looking to have sparkling clean windows and lower energy bills, trust College Pro Centrepointe to get the job done right.

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In today’s competitive job market, College Pro Centrepointe offers enterprising students a competitive edge. Students hired by College Pro are trained in subjects such as finance, strategy, marketing, operations, and budgeting in a rigorous program that is frequently described as a real-world business degree. They truly learn to become leaders and effective communicators, building their own teams and making sure that your satisfaction remains the highest priority.

Our friendly student window cleaners have advanced knowledge of the latest washing techniques to help bring a shine to your windows and protect your home. They wash and buff the surface of the glass, deep cleaning down to the pores and removing stains and mineral deposits. They also scrub storm windows and sills. They’ll even clear debris out of rain gutters and eaves, ensuring that rainwater or melting snow is directed away from your home’s foundation.

We love our customers, and we take pride in exceeding expectations every time. That’s why we proudly boast a 97% positive referral rate. We’re so committed to your happiness that we don’t collect final payment until we know that you’re fully satisfied.

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