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Windows usher all natural light into your home, which makes spaces feel brighter, bigger, and warmer. But when windows are caked with grime, the sun can’t shine through to brighten your day. While window cleaning might seem like a simple enough task, the amount of elbow grease and proper technique required to get the job done means that it’s a task best left to the pros.

Only advanced cleaning techniques can wash away the stains and mineral embedded in the pores of your glass windows. The solution: Let the student entrepreneurs at College Pro Cawston handle all your future window cleaning duties!

Keep Things Bright with a Job Done Right

In small communities like Cawston, it’s important for people to help each other out. When you contract Cawston window cleaning services from College Pro, you can feel great about advancing opportunities for local students who are passionate about providing quality services while advancing their educations. We take driven, young entrepreneurs and link them up with opportunities to develop their business savvy. In addition to coursework in subjects like accounting, leadership, team management, marketing, scheduling, conflict resolution, and more, students gain invaluable hands-on experience that helps them embrace challenges, practice finding creative solutions, and give back to the community. In addition, the hard-earned money they get from window cleaning helps pay for education costs while 90% gets invested in other local businesses.

Our Cawston window cleaners are determined to do a thorough job by tackling the sills, storms, screens, rain gutters, and eaves of your house with ease. The deep clean of College Pro’s affordable services is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your home. We’re here to lend a helping hand to make our beautiful small community the best that it can be. Call College Pro Cawston today for your free detailed window cleaning estimate so you can look forward to more illuminated living.

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Very well done. The clean-up was done very well as well.


Victoria, BC
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Windows very clean. If you get what you pay for, that explains why it seemed quite expensive.


Victoria, BC
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