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Organic living isn’t a fad in Cawston: it’s our way of life. Part of that lifestyle is understanding how to cultivate and care for the world we live in. It’s no wonder why Cawston is such a wondrous place to put your roots down. While our citizens are no strangers to hard work, their time is still best devoted to farming and orchards instead of time-consuming chores like house painting.

That’s why College Pro Cawston is the smart choice when it comes to taking care of home improvement tasks. Not only do we boast affordable prices for our customers, but contracting Cawston house painting students sets off a positive chain of events that has lasting effects throughout our community.

Planting the Seeds for Positive Change

College Pro’s mission is to make better homes while building futures for young entrepreneurs and their communities. With over 40 years of success across Canada and the United States, we’ve helped over 100,000 aspiring business leaders achieve more promising futures while serving their homes. Our Cawston location is an independent small business fully owned and operated by hardworking students eager to get their hands dirty with real world experience. Our program provides a rigorous education in subjects like leadership skills, budgeting, scheduling, problem-solving, and more. Students frequently refer to their experience as a “real world MBA” -- something that we’re quite proud of!

It can be a challenge for students to find part-time work in small town like Cawston. College Pro solves this problem by being specifically designed to work alongside a full-time college schedule. The money these young leaders make not only helps them reduce education costs, but about 90% gets reinvested in local businesses.

Spend your summer days enjoying the Similkameen River or testing produce from our organic farms. When it comes to your home improvement needs, make the choice to help our community grow healthy and strong. Call our Cawston house painting team today for a free estimate.

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