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House painting is a major endeavor for anyone, even for the hard-working folks in the Cowboy State. From cleaning to sanding to priming to cleanup, there’s a lot more than just painting involved in a house painting project. There’s a good chance that you have better things to do with your time and energy than climb up and down ladders all day long. Even if you start strong, it’s easy to lose steam and enthusiasm for any kind of prolonged household work––even one as satisfying as sprucing up the look of your home. That’s where College Pro Casper comes in to save the day!

Small Business with Big Impact

Pioneering spirit and strong-willed tenacity are in the DNA of Wyoming communities, and that’s just what our business brings to the table. As the original student painting company, College Pro has nurtured tens of thousands of young entrepreneurs across the US and Canada since 1971. Our student painters are given a way to finance tuition while developing leadership and business skills. This hands-on experience will give them a leg up as future entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. College Pro Casper is an independent, fully student-run small business that helps stimulate the local economy. Roughly 90% of the money earned is spent directly in the community.

We hire only the best of the best. After a careful selection process, the students who come onboard the College Pro family are rigorously trained in the latest innovative painting and maintenance techniques to get the job done swiftly, safely, and with style. They also receive a comprehensive hands-on education in every aspect of running a small business. While our rates are lower than our competitors, our services are still top-of-the-line.

So free up your day for some fishing or golf under Wyoming’s expansive blue skies. Our student painters will take care of all your interior and exterior house painting needs. Give College Pro Casper a call today for a free estimate.

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