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Casper has a reputation of being an oil boomtown with a cowboy culture, but the residents of Casper know it’s so much more than that. Casper continually receives accolades for being one of the highest-ranking family friendly small cities in the West. Many people move to Casper to raise a family because they know that Casper cares about the community. At Casper College Pro we care, too. We know that there are college students struggling to find summer employment so that they can finance their valuable college educations and local entrepreneurs looking to gain valuable real world experience. That’s where we come in. We are always recruiting the best and brightest minds of Casper to become enthusiastic entrepreneurs by running their very own teams to provide the best house painting services in the state of Wyoming.

Casper College Pro Training

Casper College Pro knows that we have the necessary training to produce capable entrepreneurs by giving them a “Real World MBA”. While we begin our training with student painters in the classroom, we believe that real-life business experience can’t be taught in the confines of this type of environment alone. That’s why we get our employees out in the community and responsible for their own marketing, finances, customer service, and scheduling. We offer coaching and professional feedback all along the way so that our Casper house painters can feel confident in the service that they provide. We know that their experience will help them in their academic studies, their development of professional interests, and perfecting their leadership skills. We hope that when they interview for jobs after graduation, the employers will see the kind of business experience they gained working for Casper College Pro. We believe this gives them a leg up from other applicants. Our Casper house painters go on to greater things after working with us and we are happy to help them along the way. So give us a call and you can be a part of their training, too!

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