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If you own a home, it's absolutely necessary to keep it freshly painted. Unfortunately, painting your home requires time-consuming preparation, plenty of messes, and a lengthy clean up. Rather than put yourself through this frustrating process, hire the student painters of College Pro Carmel to do the job for you. With over four decades of experience painting homes of all shapes and sizes across America, we've learned how to get the job done expediently and thoroughly. Read on to learn why choosing College Pro for your Carmel house painting needs is one of the smartest decisions you can make as a homeowner.

A Community Oriented Company

Since College Pro's formation, we've worked to make positive contributions to each community that we operate in. We provide valuable jobs to college students in Carmel and surrounding townships, helping them pay their way through college while gaining valuable entrepreneurial experience that will help them lead companies of their own one day.

In addition to the valuable jobs we provide for our community's students, operating as a locally-owned franchise helps keep profits recirculating in Carmel instead of leaving the community. Whether it's our student painters using money they earned to pay for tuition or our company buying paint, the money you spend on our Carmel house painting services by and large remains within the community.

Nothing makes a home stand out like a beautiful paint job. Here at College Pro, we revel in the beautiful homes we help create. We would love to make your home the centerpiece of your neighborhood. Our student painters can help you create a color scheme that brings out the best in your home, masks flaws, and makes you feel proud of a job well done.

So let's get started today. Contact College Pro Carmel to schedule a free house painting estimate.

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We almost did not use College Pro this year. The young people sent last year were extremely poor and did not provide us with confidence or a reasonably good job. This year the two young men were much better. I followed up and checked on a few small details ( I was not in the house to check last year). I am pleased with the results this year. They were careful, considerate and neat.

Catherine And David

North York, ON
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The team was punctual and efficient. Job well done!


Burlington, ON
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