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Imagine that you're driving along your street, and you pull into your driveway. Are you excited to see it, or does looking at your house make you feel like something about it just doesn't excite you? If your house is lacking something, let us help out — we know a thing or two about making houses look amazing. With over 40 years of experience, College Pro has restored luster to homes all across Canada and the United States. From painting to window washing, we do it all — and one we work our magic, we guarantee your Camrose home will look amazing.

The Secret To Our Success

As you can probably guess from our name, College Pro Camrose selectively hires college students from nearby universities to work as student painters and window washers. While this works in your favor (by keeping costs down), it also works in the students' favor. Flexible part time work for college students is hard to come by, and it's even harder to find work that gives students valuable business experience through hands-on training and development. All of our student painters and window washers get the opportunity to take active roles within our company, learning the secrets to running a successful business like College Pro Camrose.

Cleaning House

From giving your home a complete paint makeover to cleaning your windows, we can take your house from a state of disrepair to looking like the crown jewel of your block. Washing windows is difficult, especially when they're on the second or third floor. It may seem like a simple task, but there really is a technique to window washing that gets them perfectly clear, bathing the interior of your home in warm light.

Let Us Lend a Hand

Let's make your home the most stunning one on the block. Call College Pro Camrose today to schedule a free estimate with our Camrose student painters and window washers!

Great attitude. Went beyond expected sevice on a difficult job.


St. Albert, AB
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Did a great job. Next year will likely use for inside and outside windows. Glad to have the eavestroughs cleaned out. Overall cost very close to estimate.


Calgary, AB
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