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With so much to do, keeping your house clean and looking amazing isn't easy. Whether you're a perfectionist or just want your home to look better, we can help. College Pro has been helping folks just like you live in better homes for over 40 years, and what started as a painting company has turned into so much more. Our College Pro Cambridge location now offers window cleaning services, which make it easy to give your entire home a sparkling clean new look!

Making a Difference in the Community

For over four decades, College Pro has been helping local communities across Canada and the United States grow stronger and more independent. While this may sound ludicrous coming from a company that paints houses and washes windows, it's true! College Pro Cambridge, like all College Pro locations, operates as an independently owned franchise. Each franchise hires local college students to perform the window cleaning and house painting, giving them valuable management and business training. Beyond learning the art of window cleaning, our students gain valuable business skills that will give them a leg up in the competitive job market.

Clean Windows Make a Happy Home

Windows are difficult to clean properly, whether they're on the first floor or high up and out of reach. Our professional window cleaning services make it easy to get your windows cleaned—without you having to lift a finger.

Sparkling clean windows allow more light into your home, helping you save electricity by turning your lights on later. The added light even keeps your home warmer during those cold Cambridge winters. Couple this with how clean and shiny your home will look, and choosing College Pro for your Cambridge window cleaning needs just makes sense.

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