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Finding the right painters for your house painting project can be difficult, so let College Pro Cambridge help. Here at College Pro Cambridge, we've built our business around pairing homeowners with hardworking student painters from local universities. Whether your house painting project is as simple as touching up a kitchen wall or as large as completely painting your home's exterior, we've got the right people for the job.

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Simply put, house painting is difficult work. From all of the preparation to the final cleanup, there's a lot that goes into painting that doesn't involve a paintbrush. College Pro Cambridge works by hiring hardworking, ambitious student painters and training them with the latest in house painting techniques. As a result, you get a great paint job for your home at an affordable rate, and our students earn money and experience that will propel them through college and give them a leg up in the working world.

College Pro has earned a reputation for commitment to our student painters that is unparalleled in the industry. We offer valuable management and leadership training as well as hands-on experience within many aspects of our company. Choosing College Pro Cambridge for your house painting needs helps train the next generation of Ontario business leaders the right way.

Support the Local Economy with College Pro Cambridge

While College Pro has locations across Canada and the United States, each operates as an independently owned franchise run by local residents. We've done studies and found that because of our independent and local-centric nature, 90% of the money you spend with us to have your house painted stays within the greater Cambridge community—improving the local economy to everyone’s benefit.

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