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Are you looking for the best Cambridge student painters to give your home a fresh new look without the expensive price tag? Look no further! College Pro Cambridge has been happily serving the community for years, providing affordable house painting and window washing services that won't break the bank. Choosing College Pro Cambridge for your needs does more than just save you money — it helps make college education more affordable for our student painters, and gives them real world business experience that will help them get a leg up in the competitive business world after graduating. Whether you just want to save money or want your choices to have a social benefit, College Pro Cambridge is the easy choice.

The Benefits of a Well-Painted House

From the outside, your home tells everyone about you. Whether your home is modern or rustic, well-kept or disheveled, a home tells everyone who sees it a lot about the owner. With College Pro Cambridge on your side, making your home look beautiful, new, and impressive is easily (and affordably) done! Fresh paint has the added benefit of protecting your home from the elements, and gives you an added layer of defense against the harsh Canadian winter. Proper paint helps insulate your home as well, allowing you to trap more heat inside during the winter and lower how often you have to use your heater to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Keep Those Windows Clean

Another aspect of the home that is often neglected is proper window care. When windows get dirty, not only do they look ugly — they block out light, making the interior of your home darker and more melancholic. We're proud to offer Cambridge homeowners our window washing services to properly clean your windows, no matter how high up and difficult they are to get to. With squeaky clean windows, your home will feel brighter and happier than ever before!

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