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Whether you've lived in your house for years or just moved in, making your house feel like a home is important. From finding the right furniture to creating the perfect ambience in each room, there's so much that goes into creating a comfortable space that makes you feel at ease. A quality paint job in your favorite colors can help you create your dream home. When you hire College Pro Caldwell, you can even create it without lifting a finger. With over 40 years of experience helping homeowners create more beautiful and personal homes, we're proud to offer Caldwell our stellar house painting services. Give us a call today!

Low Prices, High Quality

Hiring College Pro for all of your Caldwell house painting needs will save you money. Despite our low prices, you'll be getting just as high a quality of paint as you would get if you hired more expensive painters. In fact, we rigorously evaluate each of our student painters prior to hiring them to ensure that they have what it takes to be a great painter—professionalism, respect, and dedication. Coupled with our training, you can count on us to deliver consistently professional painters who will give your home an amazing new look without breaking the bank.

Here in Caldwell, we're just far enough away from Boise to have some peace and quiet, but close enough to still partake in all the excitement of the city whenever we want. We're proud to call Caldwell our home, and we're even more proud that our business has such a positive effect on our community. Providing valuable jobs that help students at nearby schools, including the College of Idaho, pay their way through college is just one of the ways we help create a better community. Contact College Pro Caldwell today to schedule a free house painting estimate.

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Friendly,personable ... non paper, clean. Quite impressed.


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Our windows were cleaned quickly and professionally. Thanks for a great job!, Heather Stephens


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