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As a Caldwell homeowner, you know just how damaging the changes in weather can be on your home. From the snow and sleet of winter to the humidity and heat of summer, the elements can really take a toll on your home. Arming your home with a fresh coat of paint gives added protection against the elements, and keeps your home looking great throughout all seasons! End your search for local painters today — give College Pro Caldwell a call and you'll be coming home to a freshly painted home in no time!

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Painting a bedroom is vastly different than painting the exterior of a two story home. Finding painters who can do both competently is almost just as hard. Here at College Pro, we hire the best in Caldwell to paint homes of all shapes and sizes throughout the year, developing the skills needed to paint professionally and expediently through hands-on experience and our innovative training programs. Whether you need to paint a bedroom with light pink or powder blue accents for an incoming baby or want to give the whole exterior of your home a bold new shade, our house painters can exceed your expectations and get the job done right!

Never Pay For An Estimate

A growing trend in the painting world is to charge for an estimate — sometimes up to $100. We think it's absurd that you should have to pay just for someone to come to your home and tell you how much it will cost to paint it! College Pro has always offered complimentary estimates with no obligation to hire our services afterwards. We're confident that our reputation, track record, and competitive rates will convince you to hire us, so there's no need for us to try to lock you in to a contract merely by having us give you an estimate.

College Pro Is Here For You

You never have to be put on hold to talk to someone at College Pro. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate with our Caldwell house painters!

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