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After a thick, white Canadian winter, local windows can be a Brooklin zoo of dust, dirt and general scuzz. Never fear, because College Pro offers window cleaning in Brooklin at a professional level and a bargain price. Your view of the forest will never be so clear as after a window cleaning from the folks at College Pro.

After 40 Years, The Choice Is Clear

Are your windows so dirty that you can’t even see the neighbors’ dirty looks? That’s not a problem for the professionals at College Pro. We have 40 years of experience cleaning even the dirtiest of windows, and the word-of-mouth of our innumerable satisfied customers proves that we shine up a window with the best Brooklinites around. You learn quite a bit from four decades in the business, and that’s why we train our window cleaning entrepreneurs with the expertise of the nationally renowned company we are while giving locals the opportunity to run their own franchises and give back to Brooklin in the process.

Window cleaning is what we do, and we figure that if you can boost the local economy in the process, it’s a win-win for everyone. 90% of our business directly boosts local Brooklinites, so you can trust that you are supporting your neighbors, despite their dirty looks. And those looks certainly won’t last long when they see the difference College Pro makes on your panes.

We know the area around Brooklin is heavily forested, but that doesn’t mean you should miss a clean opportunity to see all those beautiful trees. At College Pro, we believe our experience and local touch provides a next level of service that is noticeable to everyone around. So if you’re looking for window cleaning, the choice is clear!

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Matthew Hotchkiss

They showed up right on time and went right to work. They did an excellent job leaving no mess or dirt in the house. I would definitely recommend them to our friends.


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Excellent work


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