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Painting a home isn't easy, but our house painters work professionally and expediently to get the job done well. It's always hard to find the right team of painters that you can trust with your home painting project, but College Pro Bristol takes the guesswork out of the equation for you! We selectively hire house painters who exhibit professionalism, responsibility, and the desire to learn and perfect a new skill. It's a win-win situation for everyone: you get your house painted well, and entrepreneurs get real world experience to become the leaders of tomorrow. Get started with College Pro Bristol today!

No Mess Left Behind

If you've ever painted a room yourself, you know that the prep work and cleanup usually take much longer than the painting itself. Nothing is worse than hiring painters who don't treat both of those aspects of the painting process with the time they require — because if you don't prep properly or clean up well, you'll find paint in places it shouldn't be. Our house painters understand the importance of performing each step of the painting process to their best abilities, ensuring that you'll never find traces of paint on your carpeting, furniture, or anywhere other than where it should be. We work thoroughly to make sure that we never leave a trace that we were ever there, allowing you to start enjoying your freshly painted home as soon as we leave.

Saving You Money For Over Four Decades

Hiring our painters to work on your Bristol home is a cheaper alternative to hiring larger painting companies, but it also helps improve your community. As a locally owned and operated franchise, College Pro Bristol's revenue tends to stay within the Bristol area rather than flow out of state. Larger painting companies aren't usually based within our small Connecticut community, but since College Pro operates as a franchise, we've found that around 90% of our revenue flows back into local businesses around town. From universities to restaurants and more, our painters spend the money they earn in the communities that they live in. This creates a better Bristol for us all!

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