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Finding the right painters for your next house painting project can be daunting. Fortunately for you, College Pro Bridgeport is here to make the decision easy. With over 40 years of experience connecting homeowners with hardworking and well-trained professionals, we've earned a reputation as the most reliable painting company in the communities we serve. Whether you need a quick touchup in a bedroom or a completely new color scheme on the exterior of your home, let College Pro Bridgeport take care of the job for you.

No Project Too Big, No Project Too Small

While certain companies specialize in large-scale painting and others only have the infrastructure to take on smaller interior projects, we have the manpower and experience to handle house painting projects of all sizes. We work by training and employing student entrepreneurs to lead their own house painting crews. If you have a large project in mind and only a short time frame to get it done, we can combine painting teams to give you the manpower you need.

By hiring local students from colleges such as the University of Bridgeport, you can trust us to deliver you hard-working professionals that know how to think outside of the box. Our student painters’ creative problem solving will give your home the paint job it needs to stand out amongst the pack. Our highly selective hiring process ensures you’ll have the hardest workers with the brightest minds working on your home. Whether you need help deciding what colors to use in a bedroom or know exactly what you want, our teams of student painters can. You can have the beautiful home you've always wanted with College Pro Bridgeport.

When you decide that it's time to get painting, we'll be ready. Contact College Pro Bridgeport to schedule a free house painting estimate for your home! We can't wait for you to join the leagues of satisfied Bridgeport customers.

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