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Here at College Pro Bridgeport, we connect local entrepreneurs with homes that need a fresh coat of paint. Whether you're looking for house painters to give your entire home a new look or just need an updated coat of paint in a room or two, get the ball rolling today. We take the guesswork out of painting, and get jobs of all sizes done faster and for less money than the competition. You've got nothing to lose! Give us a call today — we'd be proud to bring out the best in your home through the art of painting.

As Artistic As You

Our house painters thrive on bringing your vision to life, so having College Pro paint your house is a great opportunity for you to stretch your creative muscles! Take a moment to walk through your house, thinking about each room. Are you completely satisfied with the colors in each room, or is there something you would do differently? Do the same for the outside of your home. Whatever doesn't strike you as perfect, our student painters can fix. With College Pro, you get to take part in the fun part of painting — the creative part — without having to do any of the work to bring it to life.

Entrepreneurs Come First at College Pro Bridgeport

By hiring local entrepreneurs to paint homes and run many of the aspects of our business, we contribute positively to the growth of a more educated populace. Tuition and costs of living are rising faster than ever, and many students are struggling to find jobs that will help them finance their higher education. College Pro offers great employment benefits for our house painters, including leadership training that gives them a leg up in the competitive job market.

Getting Started Couldn't Be Easier

We've got the painting process down to a science, and never leave a trace that we were even there. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate!

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Did a great job! Very happy with the work


Mississauga, ON
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Good communication about the appointment, I knew exactly what was going to happen. The two guys that came were super nice. We had a chat about the seasonal work that they were doing here in BC. My windows are clean and the price is pretty good.


Victoria, BC
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