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Painting your home or having your windows professionally washed can make a world of difference. Perhaps you want to increase your curb appeal, update an older building or simply improve your weather proofing. When you can admire your home when you pull in the drive at the end of a long day, or open your doors to freshly painted walls- there is truly no greater feeling. Except if you know that the job was done by local community members who are just as committed to making Brampton the absolute best it can be as you are. Next time you go to choose a company for your professional home paint job or window cleaning, check out College Pro Brampton: the only company that connects local students with community homeowners.

A Company You Can Grow With

College Pro Brampton is a company that hires local student painters and window washers who are interested in learning more about small business ownership. Students are handpicked for their friendly attitudes, leadership skills and high project standards. You can rest assured that your home will be beautifully painted or cleaned at an extremely competitive price with College Pro Brampton. Payment is always deferred until after your project is completely in its entirety and you are guaranteed to love the result.

When you choose to work with College Pro Brampton, your payment will go towards a local student’s tuition payment or school expenses. In this way, you are able to contribute directly to the future of your very own Brampton community. While your student house painters or window washers are practicing their customer service skills with you, they are also building lasting relationships with local homeowners that will better strengthen your community. College Pro Brampton is the perfect option for those who believe in small business ownership and a strong connection between community members. Give yourself and your home the ultimate experience with College Pro Brampton.

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I appreciate that they are very punctual- they leave the surroundings very clean after completed the job. They are quiet, no loud music, which is appreciated these days, since most young people can't go anywhere without their phones. Very professional young people. I have and will continue to use them. ME


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