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Just like the stick work of Hockey Hall of Famer Irvin “Ace” Bailey, College Pro Bracebridge window cleaning services are the top of the heap in town. If you’ve got dirty windows, we want to see them, so you can see through them! You simply won’t find window cleaning this thorough anywhere else. The choice is as clear as the glass we clean.

Four Decades of Quality Service

College Pro is a nationally trusted name with a local benefit. Since we are an independently owned franchise, the vast majority of our window cleaning business goes directly to support entrepreneurs in Bracebridge. In fact, a full 90% of College Pro’s business attributes locally. It’s the best of both worlds: a national support network and a local touch you can trust. It certainly doesn’t hurt that College Pro Bracebridge offers the most competitive prices on the market.

We are a company with 40 years of window cleaning experience, which means there are multiple generations of clean windows in Bracebridge as the result of College Pro’s excellent services. We think you’ll be amazed by how spotless and complete our window cleaning work is. You might wonder if the windows are still there at all! (We assure you, they are.)

At College Pro Bracebridge, we make it our mission to support local entrepreneurs and residents alike. We believe in individuals and reputations spreading by word-of-mouth, not flashy marketing schemes. As Bracebridge citizens ourselves, we believe it is all of our jobs to make Bracebridge the community we want it to be. Maybe window cleaning is a small start, but it can have a big effect. Trust us like so many other customers who have put their faith in our hardworking, personal approach. We think you’ll love our work and the personal touch we provide, without leaving a single fingerprint behind. Get a free window cleaning estimate today from College Pro Bracebridge!

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There were other workers at our house last week and the College Pro people were patient and worked around them.


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Julian and his crew was very professional and friendly


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