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Hoosier hospitality is famous around the country. People from Bloomington love to invite their neighbors over to their homes for dinner and host the neighborhood cookout during the summer. Homeowners strive to make their houses look and feel welcoming by the people they care about the most. Bloomington College Pro understands this commitment and care that’s exhibited on a daily basis. Bloomington College Pro has been a consistent part of the local community for over forty years. We provide a quality service to Bloomington by employing hard working entrepreneurs to paint homes in the Bloomington area of Illinois.

Exterior and Interior!

Bloomington College Pro employs house painters that are adept at painting interior walls and exterior panels. We train our employees to have superior customer service skills and give them real-world opportunities to practice their management and leadership skills they learn in the classroom. It is important that they’re are able to find real-life applications in the business world. Your simple interaction will provide them with the professional experience they need to improve their customer service skills as well as several other skills that will serve them in the business world. Help these bright entrepreneurs to become leaders of the future and improve the Bloomington economy. Bloomington College Pro is providing your city with a quality service at a fantastic price. Our quality home painting is the word on the streets; just ask your neighbors! With over forty years of experience we have been fortunate to employ multiple generations and several members of the same family! Take care in knowing that you are helping your Bloomington community by calling Bloomington College Pro. Our services are top-notch and our commitment to you is unbeatable. We strive for your satisfaction and respect. By delivering what we promise each and every time, we make sure that you know you can depend on Bloomington College Pro for all your home painting needs.

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