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Painting a house takes more than just a bucket and a brush. Don’t forget about all the prep work and the clean up. What might seem like a small project can turn into a huge endeavor if you don’t consider all the details. Let College Pro Blooming handle the details instead. We hire self-managed teams of hardworking and skilled house painters to tackle every type of painting project the people of Bloomington can throw at them. The result gives you a clean and brightly painted home without the hefty price tag of other painters. With all that College Pro has to offer Bloomington homeowners, the chose for your next home painting project is clear.

College Pro: Good for Bloomington

When you think of a company that paints houses, you probably don't also think of that company working tirelessly to promote education and strengthen the community. That's just what College Pro does! Through offering our house painters valuable leadership and management opportunities within our company, we give our local entrepreneurs the kind of hands-on experience that is sorely missing from most formal educations. We want to see growth in each of our house painters, and work closely with them to provide the kind of opportunities that give them real world experience that they can take with them on any career path they choose.

Kick Back and Relax

If you've ever attempted to paint your own home—from the simplest bedroom painting job to the entire exterior of your home—you know how tedious, taxing, and difficult it can be. Working in teams, our house painters can get the job done much faster and more consistently than if you try to do it yourself. While we certainly applaud anyone who takes a DIY approach to home maintenance, it's simply easier and more efficient to let us do the job for you.

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They were very professional and did a great job


Ancaster, ON
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It was easy, everthing was clean and professionally done. Crew was adaptible.

Amy & Dan

Etobicoke, ON
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