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As a growing city in the heart of Quebec, Blainville is known for its friendly neighbors and close knit community. There is a comfortable balance between long-standing residents and a younger population, due in part to the college and universities in the area. Only 40 kilometers from Montreal, Blainville is a bustling town with character and charm that is the envy of those in surrounding cities. It is no surprise that Blainville residents are focused on keeping their homes in the best condition possible and are proud to utilize local, professional businesses to make that happen. When it’s time for your next house painting project, consider College Pro Blainville.

Keeping Blainville Beautiful

Although Blainville is a cozy town, the harsh winter months can pose a threat to the beauty of the city and its residents’ homes. Chipping and cracked exterior paint of a single house can change the entire look of a neighborhood. Periodic house painting is necessary more often than some homeowners may think. College Pro Blainville provides residents with the high quality house painting services they need each and every year at an affordable rate and a clear focus on community. Blainville house painting backed by College Pro hires students from local colleges and universities. Its extensive training draws from both its 40 years of expert house painting experience and the latest in business school curriculums. By using the services of local students, residents using Blainville house painting are investing directly back into the community of Blainville all while helping students gain invaluable knowledge of business practices. Residents hiring student painters through College Pro Blainville can rest assured they are receiving the highest quality work with customer service as their top priority.

The student painters of College Pro Blainville are committed to satisfying their customers with excellent house painting. We take pride in the fact that our hard work helps keep Blainville beautiful.

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Votre représentant est très courtois et le travail était bien réalisé. Un seul point a améliorer, l'opération de nettoyage a laissé des débris sur le plancher près des fenêtres qui n'ont pas été ramassé. Les travailleurs doivent quitter les lieux quand tout est propre comme a l'arrivée. Bravo a l'équipe de Loic Lavallé-Mercier!

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