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In Bend, much like the rest of Oregon, people really care about their neighborhoods and communities. Local businesses are no exception. That is why those in the know choose College Pro Bend House Painters for their interior and exterior painting needs. College Pro is a company that is dedicated to providing local entrepreneurs with real world education through home maintenance projects. All the while, connecting House Painters with prominent community members and homeowners. Important bonds are created and, in time, turn into much needed dialogue between all members of a community. If you’re interested in becoming a part of something truly special in Bend, look no further than College Pro Bend.

An Experience You’ll Enjoy, Results You’ll Love: College Pro Bend

There are plenty of reasons to hire College Pro to take care of your next home improvement project. By having your home’s interior or exterior professionally painted, you can add value to your home via curb appeal, better weatherproof your walls, and not to mention upgrade your look to brighten your mood. Now, on top of all these excellent reasons, you can also help out a local college student or entrepreneur in your very own community. By hiring our house painters, your payment often helps that individual be able to afford college tuition and other expenses associated with starting and running a business. The possibilities are endless when you choose College Pro Bend.

College Pro Bend is not only the best when it comes to customer service; they are also extremely committed to the reaching the highest quality for each and every job. Your payment is always deferred until after your project is completed to your satisfaction. We are ready when you are. Call College Pro Bend today!

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I know Briar he's young, but he's a great guy, he's full of energy, works hard, and he does good work. I have to admit we took a chance because he was young, but I liked his attitude and he did a good job.


Bend, OR
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