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It’s amazing what a good house painting job can do for your home and your neighborhood. Keeping your home looking clean and attractive is sure to be appreciated by all of your neighbors, and will add to the aesthetic value of your community. Citizens of Beloit take pride in their beautiful streets, and regular house painting is essential to ensuring your home is looking its best. College Pro Beloit stands apart from other local house painting services. We employ college students who live in your neighborhood. Hiring College Pro Beloit for you next house painting project gives energetic, industrious young people an opportunity to gain their footing in today‘s economy.

Put Students to Work

College Pro is a nationally-backed brand that has been building a reputation of excellence for over forty years. All of our house painters, however, live in the neighborhoods where they work. With each franchise locally owned and operated, you can believe us when we say that 90% of our profits go straight back to the local communities.

House painting services can be valuable if you’re looking to touch up your home’s classic look or if you’re trying something completely new and different with your home’s aesthetic. If it’s time to begin a new house painting project, don’t throw your money away with some faceless national corporation. Hire hard-working college students who live in your neighborhood and appreciate the community of Beloit as much as you do. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a job beautifully done and workers that are compliant with all local safety ordinances. You can also have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping young workers gain real-world experience in business operations. Give College Pro Beloit a call to get your free house painting estimate today. Give back to your community, and get something in return with house painting from College Pro Beloit.

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