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Painting your Bellingham home can be a tremendous chore. While choosing colors and finishes can often be fun, the set up and clean up job is always time consuming and messy. When it comes time for your next home painting project, leave it to the professionals at College Pro Bellingham. College Pro employs local house painters who are skilled, hard working and friendly. You can experience a home painting project without the headache, and feel good about hiring local community members.

Lessons In Leadership: College Pro Bellingham

"When you choose College Pro Bellingham, you are taking part in an experience that teaches students and entrepreneurs real world business skills that they can take with them into any field. College Pro began over 40 years ago as a way to teach students and entrepreneurs leadership and management skills that are integral to becoming a business owner. Now, when you hire your house painter, you are not only contributing to a college fund and real-world experience but also allowing them to practice their customer service and networking skills with community members and homeowners just like you.

Each house painter is hand picked for their natural aptitude for quality service and motivation. You can be assured that your home painting project will be of expert quality and completed in a timely manner. Read testimonials about our level of service, or simply ask around! College Pro Bellingham is dedicated to being an important part of local commerce and has the track record to prove it. Call today for your consultation; there’s never been a better time to get involved and to get your house professionally painted. Payment is always deferred until the entire project has been completed. You’ll love the result, and the reward of investing in the future of your local community. "

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Think it unnecessary to send several reminder emails--probably only need a single one perhaps a week before the scheduled day. The client can always inform the franchisee if there is a problem with the day arranged. Franchisee should stress the need for the client to be present throughout the cleaning period to ensure communication of any problems. Liked the final inspection run through by the supervisor of the franchisee to ensure that everything was completed and done to the client's satisfa


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