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You have a beautiful Bellevue home, but take a close look at each room. Could your walls use a new paint job? Perhaps you want to go for a whole new color scheme and are interested in experimenting with some new trendy color schemes. Maybe you just want to brighten up your existing paint job. No matter your reasons for painting your home, College Pro Bellevue has a great reason to do the job for you. When you choose to work with College Pro Bellevue, you are choosing a company that employs local House Painters and provides them with a real world education in entrepreneurship and experience. As the client, you will receive an expert paint job completed with excellent customer service. As a member of your community, you’ll be helping a local student. There’s never been a better time to let College Pro Bellevue House Painters paint your home.

The Right Stuff: College Pro Bellevue

Since the 1970s, College Pro has been helping local students supplement their education by painting homes and practicing real world business skills. Choosing only the best and brightest from a large number of applicants, College Pro Bellevue ensures that every house painter who comes to your home will be friendly and professional. Because our painters are oftentimes also students, your payment typically contributes directly to a student’s college tuition or even a future small business venture. The possibilities in your community are endless with College Pro Bellevue.

You know you are ready to paint your home, now all you need to do is take the next step. You can receive a free estimate for your home painting project right here on the College Pro website. You can also read testimonials and more information about College Pro Bellevue. Begin strengthening bonds between yourself and the future of Bellevue today.

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Very professional and efficient.


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Your employees were great. They showed up on time. Were very pleasant. Did a good job.


Calgary, AB
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