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It is time to have your home professionally painted and your windows professionally cleaned. Before you flip through the phone book or search online for a company, consider giving College Pro Beaverton a shot. College Pro is a company that is committed to providing local entrepreneurs with a real world education while connecting them to prominent community members, such as yourself. College Pro is in the business of creating strong communities and helping students maximize their time and energy as future entrepreneurs. It’s a choice you can truly feel good about.

Choose Wisely: College Pro Beaverton House Painters

College Pro has been creating opportunities for college students since 1971. Since then, the company has maintained a track record of proven success. Chosen as the best and brightest of a plethora of applicants, College Pro House Painters and window washers are always friendly, professional, and committed to a job well done. You can rest assured that not only will you be provided with a top quality paint job, but also a personal customer experience that is unparalleled. College Pro Beaverton is the go to choice for those who want to better know their student population and local entrepreneurs while beautifying their home. Payment is always deferred until after your job is completely finished and you are totally satisfaction. You really can’t go wrong with College Pro Beaverton House Painters and window washers.

Not only can you as the client feel great about the fact that your payment no doubt goes directly towards funding a local entrepreneur's education, you get a great paint job to boot! There are many benefits to washing your windows and painting your home: increased curb appeal and value, better weatherproofing, and brighter rooms. With so many reasons to choose College Pro Beaverton, there’s no reason to wait. Call today or go online to begin your free estimation. You’ll be well on your way to beautiful walls and windows in no time!

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We had a good experience this year and the franchisee took time in advance to address our concerns from last year and to go over our expectations. The project went quite well.


Calgary, AB
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Great works. Thanks


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