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Here in Barrington, only the best is good enough. As one of Chicago's wonderful suburbs, style and appearance are always important. When it comes time to paint your home, choosing College Pro is a surefire way to guarantee you get the best house painting your Barrington house can receive. It's that simple.

House Painting for Homes of all Shapes and Sizes

Here in Barrington, we boast the largest residential historic district in Illinois. With such amazing and historically important homes, it can be tricky to find the right painters who can do them justice and paint them as thoroughly as they deserve. Our student painters here at College Pro Barrington have plenty of experience painting all kinds of Barrington homes—from these antique beauties to more modern structures—and know just how to bring out the best in your house.

One of the secrets to our success is investing heavily in our student painters and entrepreneurs. College Pro began over 40 years ago as a way for students to pay their way through college while learning valuable business skills, and the same model is in full effect today. Our student entrepreneurs lead painting teams, design marketing initiatives, and take part in other important aspects of our company. Learning hands-on and acquiring skills help them run successful businesses of their own some day. Business acumen is vital to many careers, and passing on the entrepreneurial spirit that created our company is one of the ways that College Pro gives back to students and the community.

There's never been a better time to have your house painted. It's easy to put it off, but so much better to get it out of the way with so you can start enjoying your beautifully painted home today! Give College Pro Barrington a call to schedule a free house painting estimate with our capable student painters today.

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