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College Pro has been painting houses and cleaning windows for over 40 years, and we're not slowing down. It's amazing that a company such as ours has been able to grow year after year for four decades without sacrificing the customer service that has made us famous. If you're looking to bring your home to the next level of beauty, there's one area that is often neglected: windows. College Pro Barrie offers some of the finest window cleaning services in Ontario, and we guarantee that we can make your old, dirty windows shine like the day they were made. Let College Pro handle your next window cleaning project.

A Brighter Interior Through Window Cleaning

The obvious benefit of regular window cleaning is how sparkling and clean your windows look from the outside, but one of the biggest changes you'll notice is how much brighter your home will feel. Even the thinnest, most microscopic layer of dirt and dust can noticeably block natural light from entering your home. Proper window cleaning by College Pro Barrie keeps your windows crystal clear, allowing you to enjoy a warmer and brighter interior. You may even be able to use less electric lights to light your home.

Education Comes First

Besides our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and the pride we take in our work, what sets College Pro Barrie apart from the competition is our innovative business model. We hire local college students and pass on the savings to you. We also work tirelessly with our students to create opportunities to gain valuable business experience. From management and leadership training to letting our students create marketing plans, working for College Pro Barrie is a great way to step into the business world.

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